Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Reduced prices of Zune from Microsoft

Microsoft introduced its latest Zune models, as well as the version 3.0 update of its software in September. And here we are, already facing a price cut, and a pretty good one at that. Although Microsoft would like to call it a holiday price cut, one would have to wonder if the difficult economy, which has led to some pretty sad forecasts from retailers, has anything to do with this.

Just FYI, these cuts are only for flash-based Zunes and accessories. According to the official Zune blog, the prices, starting tomorrow, will be as follows:

Zune 4GB - $99.99 (-$30)
Zune 8GB - $139.99 (-$10)
Zune 16GB - $179.99 (-$20)
Car Pack - $69.99 (-$10)
Home/AV Pack - $59.99 (-$20)
Dock Pack - $39.99 (-$10)

More can be found from Techexpert.

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